June 7, 2024

5 Things You Need To Beat Cancer

Today I want to share something truly personal and inspiring with you. As we count down to the release of my book, “Iron Dad,” I’ve been reflecting on this incredible journey over the past six months—meeting amazing people and having transformative experiences. Recently, I was fortunate to compile a video on the five essential things you need to beat cancer for Authority Magazine and I’m excited to share these insights with you. I’ll talk about harnessing the power of imagination and inner strength, embracing new opportunities in life, cultivating deep love, and persevering through the toughest days. These strategies have guided me through my battle with cancer, and I hope they’ll inspire and support you, no matter what challenges you’re facing.

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Paul Weigel:

Hey, everyone. Thanks for joining me today. We're now less than a week away from iron dad being released in general public. It's crazy to think about everything that's happened over the last six months, when I started tossing around the idea of actually publishing this book versus having something nice to look at on a bookshelf. So now we're looking at all the different people I've met, the most amazing experiences I've had. And when I think about the most really incredible, positive future possible way beyond my wildest dreams. When people asked me what my goals have been for the book, I've continued to say the same thing. That I hope my story resonates enough that it gets more people in for screenings, that people aren't afraid to have rough conversations with their doctors, that still happening far too often. One of the most recent interviews I've had was with authority magazine, and they asked me to pull together a little video of five things you need to beat cancer. It's a quick little recording, but I think valuable for all of us. So check it out.

Paul Weigel:

Hi. I'm Paul Weigel. And here are five things you need to beat cancer. First, you need an ability to imagine the impossible and healthy incredible come true, and to recognize that when your back is against the wall, you've just got to do what you need to and keep moving forward. I also thought of an imagined finishing the most difficult task I'd ever done before I had gotten cancer. It was finishing an Ironman Triathlon. I knew if I could finish that cancer would be a cakewalk. something impossible. Maybe, in Korea, incredible, without a doubt. Second, discover a strength inside you and fight like you've never fought before with the disease, but doctors or whoever it may be. And when you're too tired to fight, let someone fight for you. I made a point to never take the elevator up and down five flights of stairs while I was going through radiation treatment, and I still hold on to that fight and that inner strength every single day. Third, embrace life in new and different ways. Yeah, it's cliche, but do something that scares you every day. Take the opportunity that's put in front of you because you never know what doors may open as a result. I chose a career that was significantly different than before I had cancer. Because I knew that watching my daughter every day, going to the classes to be dropping her off at the door and picking her up. And going on field trips are far more important than sitting at a desk every day. My life has been far more robust, and far more amazing than I ever thought it could be. Fourth, love love with all your heart. Tell people you love them and mean it. Give long closed eye hugs. you'll surprise yourself. Fifth, persevere. Having cancer and going through treatment is a long winding road. And it's gonna take you much longer to get through it physically and emotionally than you imagined. Give yourself grace that you'll have good days and bad ones and know that you can continue to persevere through this, that you're far stronger than you can imagine.

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