Gut Checks Podcast

Gut checks can mean so many things to so many people – it can mean having difficult conversations with doctors or getting screened for colorectal cancer.  But it can also be reflective of those times you’ve found a way to dig deep and do something amazing – where people have believed the impossible and had the incredible come true.  

Join me and my special guests as we explore the power of perseverance while clinging to the joy in live, no matter the odds!

Preliminary guest list includes:

Mike Reilly
Voice of Ironman

Suzanne Stone
CEO Livestrong

Vic Brumfield
CEO, USA Triathlon

Guy Kawasaki

Amby Burfoot
Editor, Runner’s World Magazine

Howard Brown

Joe Bullock
COO, Man Up to Cancer

Ryan Switzer & Fran Curry
Ironman Triathletes & Colon Cancer Survivors

Welcome to Gut Checks! In this special Father's Day episode, we feature Howard Brown, a devoted father, cancer survivor, and relentless advocate. Known as "Mr. Shining Brightly," Howard shares his journey as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, best-selling author, international speaker, and two-time stage-4 cancer survivor. We'll explore his concept of being a "cancer whisperer" and discuss his outlook on life, fatherhood, resilience, community, and advocacy. Howard's heartwarming stories and lessons in navigating the challenges of raising his daughter while battling cancer offers inspiration and practical advice. Tune in for a celebration of fatherhood and a dose of hope. Happy Father's Day to all!
Today I want to share something truly personal and inspiring with you. As we count down to the release of my book, "Iron Dad," I've been reflecting on this incredible journey over the past six months—meeting amazing people and having transformative experiences. Recently, I was fortunate to compile a video on the five essential things you need to beat cancer for Authority Magazine and I'm excited to share these insights with you. I'll talk about harnessing the power of imagination and inner strength, embracing new opportunities in life, cultivating deep love, and persevering through the toughest days. These strategies have guided me through my battle with cancer, and I hope they'll inspire and support you, no matter what challenges you're facing.
In this riveting conversation, Paul welcomes the CEO of USA Triathlon Victoria Brumfield. Victoria shares how she became the organization’s first female CEO in its 40-plus-year history by following her gut instincts. Her journey in transforming the sport through diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. From supporting youth programs to empowering women of color in triathlon, she epitomizes leadership in action. Together they delve into the essence of triathlon, the power of philanthropy in creating Olympians, and the transformative impact of the sport on individuals. Get ready to dive into an engaging discussion filled with insights, personal journeys, and a shared passion for the sport of triathlons, pushing boundaries, the importance of gut instincts, and the endless possibilities in the world of triathlon.
We are thrilled to have Lisa De Paulo, a former golf champion turned colorectal cancer awareness advocate, join the discussion. Listen as Lisa shares heartfelt and powerful anecdotes, including her mother's battle with stage 4 colon cancer and the vital lessons learned about listening to one's body and getting screened. Paul and Lisa also touch on the misconceptions about colon cancer, especially among women, and the importance of open conversations about health. Plus, they take a nostalgic walk through Lisa's illustrious golf career and her current involvement in the senior LPGA tour. Tune in for an enlightening and empowering conversation and the sentiment behind “Why Not?”.
Today, Paul is joined by a very special guest, Ryan Switzer, a friend, fellow cancer survivor, and an avid Ironman triathlete. In this episode, Ryan shares his compelling journey from being diagnosed with colorectal cancer in his thirties to conquering multiple Ironman races. We delve into the impact of his diagnosis on his young family, his rigorous battle through treatments, and how the experience fuelled his passion for endurance sports and charity work. Ryan’s story is not just about facing cancer but transforming this fight into a platform to inspire and support others, including his involvement in fundraising for cancer-related causes. So tune in as we draw inspiration from Ryan’s perseverance and learn how turning personal challenges into opportunities can indeed make a profound difference.
Today, we're honored to welcome Joe Bullock, Chief Operating Officer of the Man Up to Cancer Organization. Joe shares his compelling journey from being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer to spearheading efforts to support men across the globe facing similar battles. In today's episode, Joe opens up about the emotional rollercoaster of his diagnosis, the crucial support he found in online communities, and how his challenges led him to co-create Man Up to Cancer. This organization not only provides practical support through initiatives like the chemo care backpack program but also fosters a sense of brotherhood and understanding among men dealing with cancer. Joe also touches on significant events like the annual Gathering the Wolves Retreat, which offers a space for men to bond, heal, and find strength. So, stay tuned as we dive into a conversation that is both heart-wrenching and heartwarming, illustrating the power of community and resilience in the face of life's toughest challenges.